Floyd Mayweather will be tested by Andre Berto

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For Floyd Mayweather’s supposed final fight, almost everyone sees Andre Berto as a push over. A walk in the park. Berto most recently knocked out Josesito Lopez on Premier Boxing Champions back in March. The fight was the kind of fight Berto is known for, a lot of punches, and a lot of action. Berto to my eyes was actually behind against Lopez, but caught him with a few thunderous punches.

Andre Berto is a shorter welterweight at 5 foot 6. He has one of the better power punches in the division. Sometimes Berto will leave himself open to counter punches which causes him to get in slug fests. That’s why Berto lost to Victor Ortiz back in 2009, if you always get in slugfests, your bound to lose a handful.

That is what could cause an intriguing fight against Mayweather. Floyd is always ahead in fights because of his incredible defense, and accuracy with punches of his own. One thing that could cause him trouble with Berto when comparing to Pacquaio, is that Berto has more power at this stage in his career. If Berto gets behind he has a greater capability to catch Floyd with the type of punch that can either knock him out, or surprise him enough that Berto has an opportunity to get back in the fight.

That being said, Berto has almost no chance to win this fight. Floyd has the reach and the quickness to pick Berto apart. Everytime Berto tries to get Floyd in close, Floyd will find a way to escape. He escaped against much quicker fighters than Berto.

My Prediction: Floyd Mayweather wins by unanimous decision

If this does turn out to be Floyd Mayweather’s final fight, it will be a travesty. It will define his career of always wishing he’d face the better opponent. He could fight a healthy Pacquiao or Keith Thurman or Miguel Cotto, or Juan Manuel Marquez, or maybe a dozen other fighters who are arguably better than Andre Berto. If this is a tune up fight for another bigger fight, than I’m okay with this fight. However, if this is the last time we see Floyd in the ring, he will have lost the last ounce of respect I have for him.

Written by Joe DiBiase

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