NFL Playoff Picture: Week 11


As we finish the 11th week of the NFL season, the playoff race is taking shape. This is how the playoff picture currently looks.

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We know the Patriots are winning the AFC East, and the Bengals are winning the AFC North. Barring a miracle, the Broncos will hold off the Chiefs for the AFC West.

The division still up for grabs is the AFC South. While the Titans are seemingly out of it, the Colts, Texans, tom bradyand Jaguars are still very much in the race. Houston is the hottest team in the South, winning 3 in a row and 4 of their last 5. They’ve allowed just 29 points in the last 3 games. If the defense, led by J.J. Watt’s 11 sacks, continues playing like this Houston will win the defense. No matter T.J. Yates or Brian Hoyer, the Texans can still win the division.

After starting 1-5, the Chiefs have got themselves into a playoff spot. Even after losing their best player in Jamaal Charles, the Chiefs have won 4 in a row, all by a wide margin. In their 4 wins over the Steelers, Lions, Broncos, and Chargers, they have won by a margin of 91 points.

The upcoming Bills at Chiefs game is huge for the Bills. A win would give Buffalo the tiebreaker, which will be needed. The Chiefs remaining schedule is OAK, SD, BAL, CLE, OAK. That’s a combined record of 15-35. The Bills remaining schedule’s record is 26-24 after the Chiefs.


Carolina Panthers' Cam Newton celebrates his touchdown run against the New Orleans Saints during the second half of an NFL football game in Charlotte, N.C., Sunday, Sept. 27, 2015. (AP Photo/Mike McCarn)

Panthers and Cardinals have comfortable leads in their divisions, while the Packers and Giants still have some work to do.

The Packers needed to beat Minnesota in a bad way. The Packers were on a 3 game losing streak, while the Vikings had won their last 5. Both teams now sit at 7-3, with Green Bay having the tiebreaker. The teams meet again on the final game of the season.

The NFC Least, or East as some call it, is still a four team race. Even the 3-7 Cowboys have a shot with Tony Romo back from injury. The Giants are coming off a bye week and play the Redskins to stay in 1st place. A loss could potentially bring them into a 3 way tie. The Eagles are likely going to be the odd team out. They are a disaster at quarterback, and they have a tough schedule coming up with the Patriots, Bills, Cardinals, and Lions as their non-division games.

Either the Packers or Vikings will get a Wild Card. The other one is currently owned by Atlanta who has lost 4 of their last 5. The Falcons are being snuck up on by Tampa Bay and Seattle. Atlanta has to beat Seattle coming up if they want to make the playoffs.

Playoff Predictions 


1st: New England Patriots (15-1)

2nd:  Cincinnati Bengals (11-5)

3rd:  Denver Broncos (10-6)

4th: Houston Texans (8-8)

5th: Pittsburgh Steelers (10-6)

6th:  Buffalo Bills (9-7)

Just Missed: Chiefs (8-8), Jets (8-8), Colts (7-9)


1st:  Carolina Panthers (14-2)

2nd:Arizona Cardinals (12-4)

3rd:  Green Bay Packers (11-5)

4th:  New York Giants (9-7)

5th:Minnesota Vikings (10-6)

6th:  Seattle Seahawks (9-7)

Just Missed: Falcons (8-8), Buccaneers (7-9), Cowboys (7-9)

Written by Joe DiBiase

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