Catcap: Sabres at Devils


Playing the New Jersey Devils is always a horrible life experience for any fan of any hockey team. With this being the third-to-last game of the season, we let Husaria take the reigns and this is what he gave us.


As a kid, I hated playing the Devils, especially in the playoffs, because they’d always win against the Sabres.

Then they introduced the trap and destroyed the NHL as we know it, helping make it a really boring league that suffers this boredom to this day and Gary Bettman doesn’t have the fortitude to correct this because the money keeps coming in from shit TV deals and teams able to sell tickets to businesses.

So let’s get started with tonight’s game

My face when I realized we had to play the Devils tonight


And then this is what I did in the first period, I mean come on, the Devils have changed coaches and Lou is gone and they’re still the worst team to watch in terms of entertainment value? No wonder they can’t even can’t get even decent attendance in the largest media market in the USA.


And then, in the second, the Sabres once again proved that they WON THE TRADE, as future captain, Ryan O’Reilly scored a goal and then I was like


More boring stuff happened, typical Devils


And then Larsson happened,


And then Chad Johnson, the biggest surprise of the year, stepped it up and carried the team through the 3rd period

IMG_5056 - Copy

And then, Jack Eichel, the true lottery win of the 2015 NHL draft lottery, defeated three grown ass NHL vets to score a empty net goal.


Sabres win 3-1, and will not finish in the bottom 3 unlike some idiots predicted.



Written by Husaria

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