Top-five opponents for a Floyd Mayweather comeback

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Over the past week, the retired boxing legend Floyd “Money” Mayweather has hinted at coming back for another bout in the ring. Last Friday, Mayweather filed for the trademarks “TMT 50” and “TBE 50”. The abbreviations stand for “The Money Team” and “The Best Ever”.

Mayweather also said on Saturday, that he has “been talking to CBS and Showtime” and “you never know.” He added that he would need a nine figure payday to come back.

Most experts and fans of boxing have felt that Mayweather would return to the ring after his easy victory over Andre Berto in his last fight. Mayweather’s 49-0 record tied Rocky Marciano’s for the best in boxing history. It is not a stretch to believe he would comeback to set the record, and go for 50-0.

Expecting that he will return, here are the top five opponents fans want to see Mayweather fight:

1.) Gennady “GGG” Golovkin

On Saturday night, Mayweather essentially said that Golovkin was too large to fight. Golovkin is a middleweight and could fight at 155 lbs. at the lowest. The largest Mayweather has weighed in at was 152 lbs in a fight with fight Canelo Alvarez..

This, perhaps, would be the best fight to see. Golovkin is destroying everyone that is put in front of him, and he might have more power than anyone Mayweather has stepped into the ring with. What probably happens in a “Money” vs. “GGG” fight, is Mayweather is too quick for Golovkin, and he avoids taking any major punches. Of anyone out there though, Golovkin will be Mayweather’s toughest challenge.

2. Canelo Alvarez 

Canelo was toyed with by Mayweather in 2013, but he has improved greatly since then. Still a young boxer, at just 25 years old, Canelo has insane power for his weight class and has improved on all fronts. He is quicker, more accurate, and he is not easily stunned.

Since the Mayweather loss, Canelo has won all four of his bouts, including a victory over future boxing hall of famer, Miguel Cotto. This Saturday, he has a matchup against a decent boxer in Amir Khan, but it should be victory for Canelo.

Many are clamoring for a Canelo vs. “GGG” fight as each boxer’s next bout. They have matching styles of power, and are probably the top two boxers in the world right now. Mayweather may toss a curveball into any of those plans however.

Canelo may have the best chance to knockout Mayweather, due to his incredible power punches. He is not as technical as Golovkin, so he would have a lesser chance at winning a decision.

3. Manny Pacquaio 

Please, do not let this happen boxing again. The first “May-Pac” was a complete dud.

The whole fight was Mayweather dodging Pacquiao, and the two boxers’ styles just did not equate to an entertaining fight. There may have been a point, likely 10 years ago, when this fight would have been awesome to watch, but Pacquiao is well past his prime and in a retirement of his own.

If Mayweather just wants to make the most money possible, this may be the opponent for him. “May-Pac 2”, no matter how unentertaining the first one was, will get everyone watching. Mayweather said he was making “$20 million an hour” during that fight. The whole fight generated over $400 million in revenue, and there is no reason a second fight could not get similar totals.

Pacquiao is no threat to beat Mayweather, as he does not have enough power at this age to knock out Mayweather. In his last fight against Timothy Bradley, Pacquiao won the fight with his speed and accuracy. However, spread and accuracy are two things Mayweather is just flat-out better at.

4. Danny “Swift” Garcia

Garcia is another undefeated boxer, like Mayweather, and a champion in two different weight classes. Garcia defeated Robert Guerrero on January 26th, and has yet to sign for a fight since. Mayweather also has a win over Guerrero on his resume.

Guerrero is a young fighter, with a similar style to Mayweather. He does not take a lot of damage, but lacks in knock-out power. Mayweather would win by unanimous decision, in a very unexciting fight against Garcia.

5. Keith Thurman

A Thurman fight seems unlikely, following Mayweather’s comments about “GGG” on Saturday. Thurman is basically the same weight as Golovkin, making it unlikely for a Mayweather fight.

Thurman has come onto the scene over the past year as the WBA Welterweight champion. He has defended the title on Premier Boxing Champions, network television, twice including a victory over Robert Guerrero.

While it likely will not happen, and is not the best money option, Thurman would make an entertaining fight. He has power, and has been described as a “brawler”. Mayweather vs. Thurman would be a poor man’s Mayweather vs. Golovkin or Canelo.

No matter who Mayweather ends up fighting in his expected return, boxing fans will tune in to see the man who has dominated their sport for over a decade. What fans get out of it is up to Mayweather. If he wants to challenge himself and put on a show for the fans, Canelo or Golovkin is the way to go. If he wants to just set the record and make money, Pacquiao or Garcia are his best options. Knowing Floyd Mayweather, expect that the latter happens.

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Written by Joe DiBiase

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