BLTD Episode #87 and #88

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We’ve got a two-for-one special this week with last week’s and this week’s edition of the Better Live Than Dead podcast.

Ryan and Luis join forces again to talk the latest and greatest in the world of sports. How bad is the outlook for the Buffalo Bills following two giant injury announcements? What did the guys think of UFC 198? Also, speaking of UFC, Ryan and Luis give their input on what exactly went down between Toronto and Texas a few days ago. The podcast then turns into a lifecast. Tune in!

This week’s edition of the BLTD Podcast is less podcast and more life cast. Luis talks about how the government’s new plans to regulate cigars is a very poor decision for all involved. Ryan discusses his trip to Pittsburgh this week and then the guys discuss a little playoff hockey, as we inch ever closer to the Stanley Cup Final. We also finally get some takes on what the guys thought of Marvel’s Civil War. Listen in.

Written by Ryan Wolfe

Ryan Wolfe is the founder and editor-in-chief of BLTD Sports. He can be heard on the BLTD Podcast. Ryan's writing is also featured over at

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