Review: Chris Farren – “Can’t Die”

Chris Farren – “Can’t Die”

Let me start off by confessing, I am such a fan of Chris Farren.

The musical genius of indie-punk/pop rocker Chris Farren has only been in my life since June, when I was introduced to the musical genius after he opened for Brian Fallon. Everything about Farren has me, and many others, completely hooked.

From the very relaxed beats Farren provides, to the soulful lyrics that are so relatable to listeners, it is hard to find a flaw in the music he puts out. Whether it comes from Fake Problems, Antarctigo Vespucci or a solo record, Chris Farren has yet to disappoint.

Farren’s latest record, “Can’t Die”, takes the listener down a more pop-centered musical experience, but undoubtedly provides us with more great music. The album overall takes the listener on quite a feels trip. Upbeat music is scattered throughout the album, but when you take a second to break down the lyrics, you gather the real meaning of what Farren is trying to talk about.

“Human Being” immediately sticks out as a powerful track. A song that Farren himself describes to Paste Magazine, “I always feel like a weirdo and outsider at parties and big social situations. It makes me feel super anxious and I can’t connect to it in any way, which leads me to seculted myself in my house most nights. But after awhile, the seclusion starts to get to me in its own way, and I feel a need to connect with real human peole. This song is about the friction of that conflict.”

The song absolutely grabs your attention with the strong, booming choruses that feature Farren barking out, “I just wanna feel like a human being”.

“Can’t Die” for sure has its lighter songs as well, focusing on the pop-side of things.

Give “Brighter” a shot, a song Farren has called a “straight-forward sincere love song”. Another lighter track is “I’m Not You.” The song itself is very light but the words behind the song highlight “being in a relationship with someone who is dealing with their own battles of depression and/or anxiety, and wanting so badly to be able to help and fix it but ultimately fall short.”

“Until I Can See The Light”, a song written following the death of comedian Harris Wittels, feels very somber. An odd way for some to end a record, but this song just feels right. “This song was my way of acknowledging that (the Earth felt a little darker after Wittels death), and recognizing my own fear of death.”

Farren has no problem broaching such heavy topics with ease.

Being in a business where it matters to use your words and thoughts effectively, Chris Farren does a fantastic job. He can simply evoke emotion, happy or sad, in three and a half minutes or less. Farren wrote some wonderful melodies on “Can’t Die”, a record that you’ll be able to listen to on repeat and never get sick of.

If you get the opportunity to see Farren perform another perfect set out on the road this Fall, it comes highly suggested. He’ll be on tour supporting AJJ, tour dates listed here. Also, make sure to give Farren a follow on Twitter, where he will likely become one of your favorite follows, due to his perfect tweeting ability.

Featured Track

It was hard to pick just one favorite track off this album because the whole album is absolutely fantastic, so I’ll gladly provide you a top three (in no specific order): “Human Being”, “Brighter” and “Still Beating”.

Released:September 2, 2016
Label:SideOneDummy Records
Genre:Indie Rock/Pop

Written by Ryan Wolfe

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