Review: Taking Back Sunday – “Tidal Wave”

Taking Back Sunday – “Tidal Wave”

Taking Back Sunday is heading back to their roots. Not the emo-rock roots you remember them for, but their actual personal music roots.

“Tidal Wave”, the band’s third album since reuniting their original lineup, starts off with a very heavy punk rock, Ramones-esque vibe. The first two tracks, “Death Wolf” and “Tidal Wave”, are the strongest tracks on the record, but that is by no means an indictment of the other 10 songs on the album.

To quickly pigeon hole this album, Taking Back Sunday provides us with 12 tracks of strong punk rock and alternative rock.

This entire album has a very strong presence to it. All 12 tracks find a way to hook you and bring you along for the ride, which is something that is very enjoyable about this album. The group does not stick to one genre throughout and you find yourself completely fine with that. Adam Lazzara’s vocals are very crisp, John Nolan’s guitars sound very strong. The band sounds like a very tight, cohesive unit. All things you look for when taking about a record’s potency.

When Taking Back Sunday announced a new album, this definitely is not what was expected, but that is not a bad thing. The band really brings it on this record. With the group building off of the success of Happiness Is and the subsequent tour, the band certainly took another giant step in the right direction towards reclaiming the top spot in their respective genre.

Personally, I was very pleased with the release of Tidal Wave. Things roll downhill and I feel this album did just that. It started off very strong and continued with forward momentum, until the album came to a close. A part of me wishes Taking Back Sunday were touring a little closer to the Western New York area, so I could see some of these tracks live but it looks like I’ll be waiting some time. Either way, this album will personally go into a heavy rotation.

As for the album rating, I feel very comfortable giving this album 4 out of 5 stars. A very strong record, album of the year candidate, which will leave many Taking Back Sunday fans clamoring for more.

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Released:September 16, 2016
Label:Hopeless Records

Written by Ryan Wolfe

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