Review: Every Time I Die – “Low Teens”

Every Time I Die – “Low Teens”

Holy hell, man. You wanted the best, you got the best. The wait was longer than most wanted, but there no doubt about that but Every Time I Die delivered an album that’ll kick you right in the face.

The album feels like a collective of the entire Every Time I Die discography mashed down into one record. Some people have lamented how that does not work but you’ll hear no complaints from us.

For a little over 43 minutes, Every Time I Die slams on the gas pedal and does not let up until the final riff of the final song dies out. There seems to be no better way to explain this album to you.

“Two Summers” sticks out as a very strong track through the first few listens. Keith Buckley’s strong singing ability is highlighted on this track, along with a few tempo changes. The riffs are quite spirited and carry you throughout the song, as well. This might go down as our top track from the album.

While we find the whole album to be absolutely killer, we will point out that “The Coin Has A Say” and “Awful Lot” are two other tracks we really enjoy.

When it comes to Every Time I Die, you know what you’re getting yourself into: hard and heavy music. You don’t like it? Welp, too bad, I guess.

Whether this is your first ETID album or you’re a lifer, you should know by now what these guys bring to the table: screeching vocals from Keith Buckley, the piercing guitars from both Jordan Buckley and Andy Williams, booming bass lines from Stephen Micciche and the newly-added heavy drum fills from Daniel Davidson. What you wanted from an ETID album is what you got from this ETID album.

We gave this album a 4.5 of 5 stars, a strong favorite for BLTD Music’s Album of the Year. With that being said, if this didn’t get 5 stars..we’re not sure what will be able to reach that peak.

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Released:September 23, 2016

Written by Ryan Wolfe

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