Quick Hits: Sabres at Avalanche / at Coyotes / vs. Predators

The Buffalo Sabres are not good.

The Buffalo Sabres have found themselves in a playoff pickle after playing some downright terrible hockey these last few days.

Coming out of the NHL-mandated bye week, things couldn’t have possibly gone any worse than they did for the Buffalo Sabres and their fledgling playoff hopes. Heading into break, Buffalo was 2 points out of a playoff spot. Without spoiling the wonderful journey we’re about to take you on, Buffalo no longer is 2 points out of a playoff spot.

Things started off pretty bad in Colorado. Buffalo looked like they were a day late and a dollar short. Arguably one of the worst teams in NHL history (points-wise, at least) handled this Sabres squad with relative ease, putting up 5 goals. Eek, I don’t think I want to talk much more about this one. The NHL really needs to figure out this bye week thing, eh?

The next night in Arizona was a little better, until it wasn’t. A two-goal lead looked pretty good heading into the final frame and then Buffalo collapsed. Allowing the game to be tied was a bitter pill to swallow but at least Buffalo looked to be getting a much important point in their seemingly-waning quest for the playoffs. Not to be outdone though, Buffalo had one more trick up their sleeve – allowing the game-winning goal with 18.3 seconds left. A sure two points turned into no points. Seeing points evaporate in the desert is never a good thing in a tight playoff race.

How would Buffalo put the cherry on top of this week’s crap sundae? Ooh, they did it in style. At two different points on Tuesday night, the Sabres held a 2-goal lead and blew both of them. After not being able to capitalize on two 4-on-3, with a few 4-on-2’s sprinkled in due to broken sticks, in overtime..the writing was on the wall. Filip Forsberg did what Filip Forsberg does and the Sabres ended up leaving another sure-fire two points on the table for something less.

Following Wednesday’s Trade Deadline, the Buffalo Sabres play host to the Arizona Coyotes on Thursday and the Tampa Bay Lightning on Saturday before heading to Pittsburgh on Sunday afternoon to take on the Penguins.

Quick hits!

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    • Now what?

As we draw closer to the sixth-straight playoff-less season of hockey in Buffalo, we can look toward Wednesday’s Trade Deadline. I mean, maybe. Buffalo will likely make minor moves to clear impending unrestricted free agents off the roster. Maybe we’ll see a hockey trade but I have to believe that’ll have to wait until the offseason.

Either way, we’ll be live at the KeyBank Center on Wednesday covering the Trade Deadline for y’all.

Click here for our live, updating Trade Deadline page.

    • Playoff Update

Playoffs can still happen, but Buffalo needs a miracle.

Sports Club Stats reports the Buffalo Sabres have a 1.3% chance at making the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Neato!

    • Trade Deadline Preview

In case you missed it a few days ago, the BLTD guys got together to discuss the current state of the Buffalo Sabres and how the trade landscape looks for them heading into and through the 2017 NHL Trade Deadline on Wednesday afternoon.

    • The Good Tweets

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