Quick Hits: Buffalo Sabres, #G1000nta and more!

Brian Gionta's 1000th Game

1,000 is a lot of anything but 1,000 games of NHL hockey is unreal.

I am totally going to cop out here and give you all a minimal recap from last week’s game. I missed all of last week’s games, only catching highlights from the Sin City – more on that below.

If you already hadn’t known from watching last week though – Jack Eichel is REALLY good, the tank was worth it and it still feels incredible to defeat the Maple Leafs, especially when they’re fighting for a playoff position.

Monday night’s game was fantastic, which goes down as Brian Gionta’s 1,000th career NHL game. What an incredible run for Gionta, for a guy who was often told he was too small to make it in the league. Gionta capped off his special night with a goal off of the mid-body of Panthers defenseman Jason Demers.

Buffalo’s Tuesday night matchup against the Columbus Blue Jackets definitely did not disappoint, if you’re into coach discipline. Sam Reinhart, reportedly late for a team meeting at the hotel, was in full uniform tonight but took 0 shifts for a total of 0:00. What an evening! Bylsma was clearly making a point, it’ll be interesting to see how the team reacts. Evan Rodrigues continues to impress with his 4th goal of the season but that was it.

I really just wanted to write this because I missed talking with you guys and gals.

The Sabres play one more game this week – the Islanders at the KeyBank Center on Sunday. Want to hang out with us? We’re having a Basement Brigade Tweet-Up at Buffalo Riverworks. CLICK HERE for more details.

Quick hits!

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    • Back from Break
Las Vegas

My wonderful fiancé took this photo atop the Eiffel Tower on The Strip, as I stood behind pissing myself because of the height.”

What a few days it has been for me, if you’ll allow me to be selfish for a minute. A long (and much needed) break in Las Vegas came and went, while the Sabres played some damn good hockey.

I traveled to the Grand Canyon for the first time ever, which was indeed incredible. It seemed fake, even when standing feet away from it. I was also terribly scared because I am incredibly afraid of heights.

My week in Vegas consisted of zero gambling (I just bought a house, man!) and lots of walking – almost 40 miles, but who is counting.

Las Vegas itself is an incredible city. If you haven’t been there, I certainly suggest going for 3-4 days. Why so specific? Glad you asked. It is a city that you can do everything you want in that short time frame. After the 3-4 days, the city really starts to engulf and overwhelm. Small bursts seem best.

Locals seem very excited about the Vegas Golden Knights becoming an official franchise and let me add that T-Mobile Arena is gorgeous on the outside, flanked by a nice little arena district that perfectly separates the arena from the Las Vegas Strip.

I’ll be more than happy to travel back when the Buffalo Sabres play their first game in Las Vegas. Won’t you join me?

Side note: I got engaged in Vegas too, which was pretty damn awesome in its own right. 

    • Player of the Week

Brian Gionta is our player of the week – many congratulations on playing 1,000 NHL games.

In 1,001 career NHL games, Gionta has 586 career points (289 goals, 287 assists). Of those 1,001 games, Gionta has played 225 with the Buffalo Sabres and has tallied 101 (40 goals, 61 assists) of his 586 career points in blue and gold.

With the magnificent season Gionta has had, would you be mad if he signed on for another year? You’d be hard pressed to find a lot of people who would say yes (and I follow most of them on Twitter).

    • Standings Update

The playoffs are not happening – what are feelings? I hurt all over my body.

The playoff-less Sabres continue toward their predictable early April demise, as they do their best to linger outside the playoff picture.


    • The Good Tweets

I have been so bad at tallying the goodest tweets, so pat yourselves on the back for all being mediocre these past few games.

Written by Ryan Wolfe

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