BLTD and BTBAM Invade Cleveland

BLTD Music Correspondent Paul Waggoner

Ten years ago, 15 year old me stood in line at the old Penny Arcade in Rochester, NY to see a handful of bands passing through on tour.

Little did I know the headlining act that night would change the way look at music. That band would easily become my favorite band of all time. I spent all my money on two of their shirts and their latest record, Colors.

Ok. Now, fast forward a decade.

In celebration of the 10 year anniversary of Colors release, Between the Buried and Me is currently touring the United States. They also just so happen to be playing the entire album front to back.

This time around, I had the pleasure of seeing them in Cleveland, OH at the Agora Theatre.

They’ve made it a point to only play Colors front to back, not including the throwback track they threw in as a surprise encore.

The band has released three studio albums and one EP since Colors. While other releases have seen success, Colors continues to be Between The Buried and Me’s most popular album to date.

There was a sense of nostalgia for every single concertgoer in that theatre, while BTBAM performed their masterpiece of a record.

Every person in the crowd not only was singing the words to such songs as “Sun of Nothing” and “Prequel to the Sequel”, but mimicking solos with their voice, and air drumming fills with their imaginary drumsets.

There was a moment that I caught guitarists Paul Waggoner and Dustie Waring look at each other and smile as an entire crowd sang their song back at them. It is moments like this that I can only imagine their smiles were a product of them realizing how important this album and their band has been to a lot of fans.

Such an important record in fact that we, as fans, would drive long distances and spend whatever money we have to show a band that an album written a decade ago still holds up to this day.

Colors definitely proves this to be the truth and will forever be a masterpiece among music fans. Even while Between The Buried and Me releases new material and their writing style evolves, this album will still impress fans in 2027, 2037, and 2047. It truly is a timeless work of art.

Check out the Facebook link below – Fortune Photography’s Katie Fortunato was also at the show, shooting photos for!

Written by Tony Fortunato

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