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Has the NBA returned to Glory?

Follow @thejcmoney Whoa! I haven’t had an article here on the DOTcom for a while, but I felt compelled to blog a bit about the NBA. I have very fond memories of the Association growing up, sitting down every Sunday to watch the NBA on NBC triple headers that would air. Michael Jordan (you know,… Read more »

BLTD Podcast #55

A big news week on the podcast, as the MLB Trade Deadline has come and passed. Luis and Ryan break down the big deals, and discuss who can be considered winners and losers. Also, the guys discuss the latest breaking sports news and we get Storytime from Perez. Listen in! ​

Why it hurts..

Follow @thejcmoney You’ve heard by now, there is no way that you haven’t. Pro Wrestling and pop-culture icon “Rowdy” Roddy Piper passed away in his sleep on July 31, 2015, just three and a half months after his 61’st birthday. An outpouring show of grief from generations of fans have been flowing like water since… Read more »

BLTD Podcast #53

​Join us this week, as Perez and Ryan get together to discuss the latest in sports news. Another week of testing out technology, as Perez joins the podcast via the Fanduel Hotline. This week’s episode also features the return of “Storytime”! You won’t want to miss this. Listen in!

BLTD Podcast #51

​ This week, Ryan is joined this week by GRA’s John Cimino. John and Ryan discuss the latest breaking news throughout the sports world, and discuss whether or not Major League Baseball should change their rules on All-Star voting. Also, Perez and Ryan have a telephone conversation while driving, in lieu of Perez being on… Read more »

BLTD Podcast #50

​Perez is back in the house for this landmark episode, as the guys hit the half century mark! This episode has all the features of your standard BLTD episode, plus Perez yelling at Ryan because he thought a recent film was actually good. Also, a special guests joins the fray to discuss the National Hockey… Read more »

The State of MLB Records

Follow @thejcmoney Tune in to John’s podcast “Get Ready, America!” on the GERE Network for more of my opinions on Sports and Life, as well as all of the slapstic comedy that comes with it. The luster is gone. When I was growing up, the records which were then held by some of the most… Read more »