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Trust the Podcast #8 – Bills vs. Raiders

Follow @DelReid Follow @wolfebltd ​It’s a Victory Tuesday on a Wednesday, people! The Buffalo Bills defeated the Oakland Raiders and pushed their record to 5-2 on Sunday. That’s not the only good news for Bills fans. On Tuesday afternoon, the Bills acquired wide receiver Kelvin Benjamin from the Carolina Panthers. A very bold move for… Read more »

NFL Power Rankings – Week 9

Follow @wolfebltd What another weird week of football in the NFL! Buffalo continues to be good (thank the good football gods) and apparently Deshaun Watson is the truth. We’ve got New England apparently hitting their stride right before the bye week, while Kansas City got back to their winning ways. We are headed toward the… Read more »

HallowRewind Review – Tales of Halloween (2015)

Follow @theREELevankern The vignette (anthology) style is quickly becoming a favorite of mine. Relegated mostly to the horror-slasher satire genre, this mode of storytelling has given us such jewels as 2016’s Holidays (which is still on Netflix), Michael Dougherty’s Trick ‘r Treat from 2007, The ABCs of Death—along with its sequel—as well as ones I’ve… Read more »

Suburbicon (2017) – Film Review

Follow @theREELevankern All the good things about this movie are in the trailer. If you’ve seen the trailer, you’ll know what I mean. From that trailer, I gathered this movie would be a typical Brothers Coen film—a dark comedy, with a little social commentary, maybe an obnoxiously-contrived sub-plot. This movie had all that…but not in… Read more »

NFL Power Rankings – Week 8

Follow @wolfebltd With another Kansas City loss, we have a new team a top the Power Rankings heading into Week 8. The Philadelphia Eagles have been quickly sliding up the rankings, with Carson Wentz clearly at the helm. Wentz might just win the MVP.

Trust the Podcast #7 – Bills vs. Buccaneers

Follow @DelReid Follow @wolfebltd Another week passes by and another VICTORY TUESDAY here on Trust The Podcast. It can’t get much better than this, football fans. The Buffalo Bills (4-2) continue to handle whatever adversity is thrown at them. After blowing a lead late, the Bills did not wilt. They trusted their defense and ended… Read more »

The Snowman (2017) – Film Review

Follow @theREELevankern A slow-paced, formulaic whodunit crime-thriller, Tomas Alfredson’s The Snowman is…exactly what I thought it would be. Straight-faced and “by-the-book” (pun intended), this movie doesn’t bring anything new to the table, and loses points because of it; the 23% MetaCritic score on IMDb is no accident. We open with some exposition—a troubled youth, and… Read more »

BLTD Podcast #112 – October Sabrecast

Follow @BJWilsonWGR Follow @wolfebltd The Buffalo Sabres season is underway and boy, has it been UGLY. What is going on in Buffalo with this rocky start? Brayton Wilson and Ryan Wolfe take a deeper look into the Buffalo Sabres start with large rants included. Scoring is down, the defense is bad and the Sabres aren’t… Read more »

NFL Power Rankings – Week 7

Follow @wolfebltd Pittsburgh dealt Kansas City their first loss of the season. Not a lot of people expected that, especially after the Steelers roller-coaster of a season so far. The Chiefs found themselves somewhat exposed in Week 6 but they still stand tall atop the BLTD NFL Power Rankings.

Trust the Podcast #6 – Bye Weekcast

Follow @DelReid Follow @wolfebltd Just because the Buffalo Bills had a bye week does not mean Trust The Podcast took time off! Del Reid and Ryan Wolfe take a look around the National Football League to see what the story is with this weird football season. As a bonus, we get an early look at… Read more »