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The Guac Knight Returns: The Comeback of Baseball’s Greatest Character

Follow @beansycast After being plagued by arm complications and undergoing two (count ‘em, two) Tommy John surgeries, right-handed reliever Brian Wilson was DFA’d and released by the Dodgers halfway through his 2014 season. Apparently not living up to expectations, the Dodgers decided his remaining 2015 contract money wasn’t worth the roster spot he was hogging,… Read more »

The Rich Man’s Team: The Yankee’s Accidental Re-Branding

Follow @beansycast The Yankees front office has taken a spotlight role in baseball this week following the arbitration hearing for Dellin Betances. The reliever filed at $5 million, but having lost the arbitration hearing, will earn (dare I say) only $3 million in 2017. The Yankees’ victory in the hearing is not exactly news in… Read more »

Baseball Continues to Juggle Tradition and Cultural Demand

Follow @beansycast It’s no surprise to any fan that the average person thinks baseball games are too long and too boring. It’s an opinion common especially among young people, which is part of why the age of the average baseball fan is skewing older all the time. Nowadays, people are more drawn to the flashiness… Read more »

Kenta Maeda: Good In Most Months

Follow @beansycast Judging by his Instagram account, if there’s three things Kenta Maeda likes, it’s his dog, golf, and t-shirts with himself on it. While Maeda has been enjoying his offseason playing what appears to be his second favorite sport, it’s almost time for the ball-thrower to produce his sophomore offering (and hopefully premiere his… Read more »

Baseball’s Future Hall of Famers

Follow @wolfebltd The ballots are in and the Baseball Hall of Fame Class of 2017 has officially been announced. Three new members will be immortalized this summer in Cooperstown – Tim Raines, Jeff Bagwell and Ivan Rodriguez. Jeff Bagwell led the way with 381 of 442 votes, Tim Raines was right behind with 380 of… Read more »

2016 World Series Preview

Follow @MikeStrawWrites Follow @wolfebltd Offense Mike – The Chicago Cubs have a line that, top to bottom, instills fear into almost any team. I mean, who would hate to face Kris Bryant, Anthony Rizzo and company? Hell, if I’m starting a franchise in MLB The Show and doing a fantasy draft, I’d be happy just… Read more »

BLTD Extracast – MLB Deadline Edition

Ryan Wolfe is joined by John Cimino of GERE Network (Get Ready America, Talking Wrestling) to discuss the moves made at the most-recent MLB Trade Deadline. Who won the Deadline and how will these moves affect the developing playoff races? Listen in to find out.

2016 MLB Season Preview

Follow @wolfebltd As we turn the calendar to March, the mercury on the thermometers begins to rise and we all turn our attention to Major League Baseball. Hearing the sounds of the game slowly return to our daily routines: a crack of the bat, the popping of a catcher’s mitt as he corrals a 100 mph… Read more »

BLTD Extracast #16

Ryan Wolfe is joined by Jared Carrabis of Barstool Sports and the Section 10 Podcast. Ryan asks Jared about Major League Baseball and specifically the Boston Red Sox.