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NFL Power Rankings – Week 12

Follow @wolfebltd Another week is in the books – football fans have had themselves a good week of football to watch. Who doesn’t love watching a rookie who has no business starting and throwing five interceptions? *sobbing* I MEAN I LOVE FOOTBALL, MAN.

NFL Power Rankings – Week 11

Follow @wolfebltd The good teams continue to win and the bad teams continue to lose – what a novel concept! These mutually exclusive events have created a bit of a logjam throughout our weekly power rankings. Either way, jump below and take a look to see where your favorite tackle football franchise ranks this week.

NFL Power Rankings – Week 10

Follow @wolfebltd Heading into Week 10, the Philadelphia Eagles hold serve and continue to look very impressive in the process. Carson Wentz continues to look like a surefire MVP candidate as well. The only issue? The dreaded bye week. They need to maintain momentum moving forward. A quick side note: Continue to trust the process,… Read more »

NFL Power Rankings – Week 9

Follow @wolfebltd What another weird week of football in the NFL! Buffalo continues to be good (thank the good football gods) and apparently Deshaun Watson is the truth. We’ve got New England apparently hitting their stride right before the bye week, while Kansas City got back to their winning ways. We are headed toward the… Read more »

NFL Power Rankings – Week 8

Follow @wolfebltd With another Kansas City loss, we have a new team a top the Power Rankings heading into Week 8. The Philadelphia Eagles have been quickly sliding up the rankings, with Carson Wentz clearly at the helm. Wentz might just win the MVP.

NFL Power Rankings – Week 7

Follow @wolfebltd Pittsburgh dealt Kansas City their first loss of the season. Not a lot of people expected that, especially after the Steelers roller-coaster of a season so far. The Chiefs found themselves somewhat exposed in Week 6 but they still stand tall atop the BLTD NFL Power Rankings.

NFL Power Rankings – Week 6

Follow @wolfebltd Another week, another victory for the Kansas City Chiefs. They lead the NFL in the power rankings and rightfully so. Despite a close call on Sunday night, Kansas City looks very good. Everyone else? Meh.

NFL Power Rankings – Week 5

Follow @wolfebltd Kansas City remains alone on top as the only undefeated team left in the NFL. I’m sure you had that in your preseason predictions, right? Sure you did. Only thing more surprising that Kansas City? The Buffalo Bills. Damn, they look good.

NFL Power Rankings – Week 4

Follow @wolfebltd Three weeks through the NFL season and weird football continues. Who saw the Jacksonville London Jaguars absolutely shellacking the Baltimore Ravens? Who saw the Buffalo Bills beating the Denver Broncos? We all saw OBJ pretend to piss like a dog – that was great. We are Team #TakeAKnee.

NFL Power Rankings – Week 3

Follow @wolfebltd We are headed full steam ahead with the National Football League season and it seems as if we have learned absolutely nothing. Well, wait. We can confirm with our own two eyes that the New York Jets are indeed very bad. The same goes for Indianapolis. You should take better care of Andrew… Read more »